June News:

Free Placement Class !
Free dance classes for Brothers, of active female dancers !!

* Click here to see our class schedule
* Click here to register
* Email: dancewestinfo@gmail.com

Hi dancers, this summer is shaping up to be a great experience for everyone.We have a Summer Dance Intensive * Ages: 9+ * Cost: $180
July 8 to 11, 20119, 10:00 to 2:00pmSummer is the best time to join Dance Team. We have a lot of enthusiastic teachers and choreographers who are already working on team pieces for next season, the O.C. fair invited our team to perform July 12th, Showstoppers nationals July 17 to 21, and Dancerpalooza July 22 to 28th.

Summer is also the best time to schedule privates with a choreographer, if you are interested in doing a solo.

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