Kalani McManus

Kalani McManus – is a well rounded expert in the fields of Acrobatics, Martial-Arts, Dance, Aerial and Fitness. In 2004 he began formal dance training via scholarship, as a Freshman at Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA. Competing with MMSD in 2007, Kalani was ranked in the Top 10 nationally at competitions such as: HOLLYWOOD VIBE, STARPOWER and SHOW STOPPERS. At age 18, Kalani was a core member of the contemporary dance company METHOD. He also began working as an assistant with artistic director TIFFANY BILLINGS. Kalani is a Performance Artist and enjoys creating work for the shows: CARNIVAL, JETE CABARET, ELECTRIC VAUDVILLE. Kalani McManus also continues to work with companies including: DISNEY, ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISE LINES and CIRQUE DU SOLIEL.